Gout can be a very painful experience for the sufferer. It is more common in men. It is supposed to be a man’s disease. It is also called the King’s Disease or the King of Diseases. It is largely believed that it was first noticed in men of royalty who indulged in food and drinking alcohol.

One of the most basic reasons of gout is an excess of uric acid in your body. Generally, the big toe in your feet gets affected with gout first. It can happen to other joints as well. It is characterized with intense pain, swelling, inflammation and redness at the joint.

What is worse is that when left unattended, the condition worsens over time.

There are certain gout home remedies that can help relieve pain. Though their effectiveness varies from person to person, they can still be helpful.

Gout Home Remedies:

1. Apples are considered to be good for curing gout pain. In fact, apples are rich in malic acid that helps neutralize uric acid in your body.

2. Lemon juice mixed with a glass of water is also considered to be good. In fact, you must drink as much water as possible to make your body alkaline or less acidic.

3. Another great gout home remedy is French bean juice. It is recommended that you have half a cup of this juice for about a month to treat gout.

4. Having a pound of wild of black cherries can also help reduce pain due to gout attck. It is also a common home remedy. These cherries contain antioxidant compounds that neutralize uric acid in your body.

5. Juice of raw vegetables such carrot mixed with beet and cucumber can also help relieve gout pain.

6. Another home remedy is a charcoal bath. Mix a half cup of charcoal powder with water in a basin and put your feet in it for 30-60 minutes to relieve pain.

Ganoderma or reishi is highly effective in treating gout and rheumatoid arthritis. It is supposed to be quite effective in uric acid metabolism. Thus, it helps reduce uric acid in your body.

One of the best natural supplements that contains finest form of ganoderma is Provailen that is highly effective in treating gout, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

It is completely natural and not only helps relieve pain but also helps reduce swelling, inflammation and stiffness. It is a highly effective in reducing pain and can make you sleep better without the nagging pain.

Provailen is supposed to be a major breakthrough in treating all kind of arthritis pains.

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