Arthritis is synonymous with joint pain. Typically, it refers to painful inflammation of the joints in your body.

What is Inflammatory Arthritis?

Inflammatory arthritis refers to those conditions of the joints that involve both the immune system and inflammation. Rheumatoid arthritis is the perfect example of this kind of arthritis.

Under such cases, the immune system attacks the area around the joints and causes degradation of bone and joint tissue. What it means is that your immune system begins attacking your body itself like it fights foreign entities like bacteria, virus etc.,

In such a case, your body must be give medication to fight the negative immune function before condition can be improved.


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Symptoms of Inflammatory Arthritis

Here are some of the common symptoms of inflammatory arthritis:

1. Pain or swelling in various joints that many be warmer than the other joints in your body.

2. Morning stiffness – It refers to stiffness in joints when you wake up in the morning. This stiffness continues for about half an hour before subsiding. Many people experience stiffness in joints after sitting still for some time. Often, it is the first and most initial symptom of inflammatory arthritis.

3. These symptoms can often occur after a sore throat or cold. Not just this, it can also happen due to chronic stress and other emotional problems.

What can help?


Certain foods can be extremely helpful in relieving pain. Though, it a topic of intense debate, fact of the matter is that a vast majority of people experience relief by modifying their diet a little bit.

Oily fish like salmons, tuna etc., can help relieve inflammation and this is largely because such fish is a rich source of essential fatty acids like Omega 3. Such fats are known to increase the production of anti-inflammatory prostaglandins in your body. Other great sources of such fats include olives and olive oil. Nuts and beans are also rich in such fats.

Shark cartilage is also known to reduce arthritis pain. Besides, it is also known that grape seed extract can help reduce inflammation.

Foods that are rich in antioxidants are also helpful. This is because such foods neutralize free radicals that cause damage to the joints in your body. Carrots contain beta carotene which is a highly powerful antioxidant. Green Tea is also a rich source of such antioxidants and can help reduce inflammation in your body. There are many other health benefits of green tea.


Though above mentioned foods can help reduce inflammation and pain, usually you need something more than that to reduce arthritis pain. This is why supplements are important. A good supplement can help relieve pain, swelling, inflammation and stiffness.

One such supplement is Provailen.


Provailen is the most effective natural remedy for treating arthritis. It is made with reishi mushroom extract which is a highly powerful arthritis remedy. It not only helps reduce inflammation but also reduces swelling. It is extremely effective in relieving arthritis pain.

One of the most important ingredients in it is ganoderma that is clinically proven to reduce arthritis pain. Other natural ingredients in it include capsaicin extract and tongat ali.

It not only works to reduce inflammation in your body but also helps strengthen bones and muscles around the joints to reduce load on the joints. This is an important step towards reducing joint pain.

It is a supplement that can help you sleep better without the nagging pain. It can ensure pain relief whether you suffer with inflammatory arthritis, degenerative arthritis or gout.

Since it is a 100% natural supplements, side effects are minimal. Thousands of people have been able to reduce arthritis pain (in case of both inflammatory arthritis and degenerative arthritis, as well as gout) significantly with the help of this all natural joint pain relief.